Prestige and Style

Legends live within us – we bring them to life, and it is only us that can - and do - act to keep them alive. Those who dreamed up The First Hungarian Cigar Club love and respect life with a passion. They are gentlemen who didn't try to disguise their intent to create an association where from time to time they could present the members with unforgettable experiences and keep alive the desire for an elegant, refined lifestyle.

In 2003 a friendly initiative was conceived wherein, in addition to the open cigar dinners hosted every quarter by the publishers of the Hamu és Gyemant magazine, which have their successful and constant participants, they would create a more exclusive, better organized association. This would be a community where friends of the cigar would meet bi-weekly and exchange ideas in an elegant environment with the finest cigars, excellent food and quality spirits. The originally 20 person strong club had its founding meeting in April 2003, where they signed the declaration for foundation of their exclusive club.

In accordance with the concepts of the original founders, the exclusive club now has 50 members. As originally envisioned, the members of the Cigar Club are men who hold the Hungarian cigar culture's traditions dear to their hearts, and feel the importance of upholding and spreading these traditions while maintaining a life of style and quality pastimes. The high standards of the club and its uniformity is guaranteed by the fact that new members can only be recommended by existing members, and the entire club must support him in order that he be accepted as a full club member after a 6 month probation period. The club operates according to its own code of ethics, the precepts of which are accepted and followed by all the club members. The club meets every second week in an elegant environment, at which time presentations and programs are offered which suit club members' tastes and spheres of interest. With the agreement of all members, a part of the club membership fee is used for charitable purposes