A Gentleman's Association

“A gentleman is one who stands out with his trained mind, and wins respect with, and is honoured for his refined style and other praiseworthy virtues. Reliability is important to him, his word is indisputable and he sets an example with his comportment and presentation.”

The cigar is a vast subject, just as are art, changes in the economy, or competition sports. We need to know the applicable essential rules, customs, base principles and possibilities. The members of the club are gentlemen for whom the cigar is a passion rather than just a pastime or hobby. They are in possession of “knowledge” and want to polish and refine this, but not in a theoretical way through books and literature, but instead with experience. This is supported by those occasions where they can spend an evening in the company of fine cigars accompanied with gourmet meals, highest quality spirits, and exquisite wines.

Stylish, discrete accessories set the relaxed atmosphere for elevated discussion. In this way, cigar smoking becomes an event that requires ones complete attention and so the timeless elegance of the meetings of the Cigar Club are an artistic ritual the participants of which are enriched by these unique experiences.

The Cigar Club enhances the refined experience with carefully selected programmes and presentations for its members. The presenters – either invited, or club members – are outstanding professionals in their area of specialty. Each discusses a theme or topic within their profile which provides the club members with interesting and/or valuable information. The special, varied selection of topics, the presentations and resulting discussions make the exclusiveness of the club highly prestigious to its members.

Being a member of the Cigar club is to be in a position of trust. Our members respect and appreciate each other. In our circle our “word” is not just an expression, but between our members has the strength of a gentleman's agreement, and is taken seriously. Guests invited to our Cigar dinners can also experience the special atmosphere of Cigar Club events together with the fine style and elegance that we represent.