President's Thoughts

The First Hungarian Cigar Club is an exclusive community. It is exclusive in order to protect its values and assets. The Club's greatest asset is its members, who form a community with idealistic goals, and as such, are vulnerable. The only way to become a member of the club is with an invitation from an existing member, although that in itself is not enough. The prospective member must prove that they share the values of the community and the current members themselves make the final decision on approval, the process of which they take seriously.

The two terms which most clearly reflect the club are “style” and “the gentleman's agreement”. Club members learn and live the substance and subtleties of a life of style which provide a spice and flavour to our everyday lives.

In today's Hungary, more than a decade and a half after the fall of communism we desire the cultured lifestyles of the mature western societies. Here I am thinking mainly about what is in their heads. The First Hungarian Cigar Club is made up of men who, having learned from each other and invited lecturers, integrate into their lives those – often unnoticed – refinements which make a man a Gentleman in the classic meaning of the word.

Of course it is expected that we know our cigars and the art of cigar smoking – after all this is what brings us together, connects us, and as a refined long-standing ritual is most symbolic of our efforts. In addition to this, we emphasize the importance of dressing with style and recognizing elegance and of course we cannot do without a knowledge of wines, spirits, carefully selected foods, and the rules of social behaviour.