A special world, into which only a few can get a glimpse. A refined lifestyle, elegance, quality and above all an exclusive association for those devoted to the cigar. This is The First Hungarian Cigar Club

Official Club information:

The Association's Hungarian name:

The Association's English name:
„ The First Hungarian Cigar-Club” Association

The Assocation's official address:
1051 Budapest, Bajcsy-Zs. út 12.  3rd floor 309.

Area of operation of the Association:

Date of establishment:
2003. (The year two thousand and three AD)

Registry number of the Association:
10539 (Registered with the Metropolitan Court)

Executive Officers:

President: Borics Zoltán
Vice President: dr. Horváth Béla, Faludi-Cseh György
Treasurer: Juhász Gábor
Chamberlain: Zsatkulák István